Project Manager

As a project manager, Heuck connect provides operational leadership for the organization and implementation of projects.
We analyze the project environment and jointly determine the goals.
We develop and implement an efficient project structure and identify all necessary project management activities.

“Classical” project management approach:
We create the project plan in which we systematically structure the tasks and break them down into work packages, allocate them to resources and map them over time.

Agile project management approach (Scrum, Kanban, etc.):
We develop and fill the backlog, define certain topic blocks (so-called epics) and derive the roadmap from them. The associated tasks are processed in an agile manner along the epics and can be adapted, supplemented or discarded if necessary.

We control the project and ensure – independent of the selected project management approach – that the tasks are implemented on schedule, within budget and in line with the results of appropriate controlling and transparent reporting.

Depending on the scope, complexity and size of the project, the support of a project management office (PMO) may be useful here.



As a Project Management Office, Heuck connect accompanies and advises your project management or the project manager in the operational implementation of all analysis, planning, execution, recording and information tasks for the project.
The PMO helps you develop and implement the project structure as well as all project management activities by providing appropriate know-how, tools and templates.
In the implementation phase, the PMO can take over project control and ensures that all project activities are carried out, appropriately documented and regularly presented in a clear form to the project manager and project committees for evaluation.

You can find our entire service portfolio as project manager and PMO in detail here.